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About the Report

The information registered here will be received by a responsible person, ensuring absolute secrecy and the appropriate treatment of each situation by the senior management of Cepac Barueri without conflicts of interest.

The veracity of the information provided is the responsibility of the reporter. All information will be verified during the investigation process, and the resulting actions will be taken at the sole discretion of Cepac Barueri.

Data Protection

All information recorded here will be treated confidentially by the organization, or an independent company specialized in capturing and handling complaints. 

The purpose of collecting this information is to investigate possible conduct that is considered unethical or that violates ethical principles and standards of conduct and/or current legislation. 

All reports will be stored indefinitely to carry out the investigation and deliberation process on the case, observing the specific legal requirements. In addition, consolidated information will be used to generate operation statistics, but no name involved or personal data will be exposed. 

Any personal data reported will be treated in accordance with the regulations established by current legislation with regard to the protection of personal data, and will be followed by Cepac Barueri in the capture process in the process of calculating the reports registered here.
By clicking on "Send Report" you indicate awareness and agreement with the provision of information that will be solely and exclusively used for this purpose.


If desired, you can subsequently exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. To learn more about your rights, Click here.


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